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We offer to sail along the following Dzūkija rivers: Ūla, Merkys, Šalčia. Contact phone: +370 (630) 82013


Ūlos springs – in Belarus, in the vicinity of Peles, in the depths of the Guda Forest. Length – 84 km.
The views of the valley of the river vary at every turn. In places, the trees are cut down and the river passes. High sandy cliffs, continental dunes. Ūla middle valley from Rudni to Zervynai – Ūla Landscape Reserve. Below Pauosupė, almost all the area of ​​the valley is covered with a turf lush, which is very moisturized by sprinkling springs on the edge of the valley. From Zervynai Ūla crosses the section of dunes and until Manchgirė flows into a narrow canyon valley with high, constantly eroding cliffs. The picturesque expositions often continue at Žiūrais, Trakiškiai, although the valley is spreading somewhat, the terraces and the latch are highlighted. In the lower reaches, where Ula reaches the moraine, there are many stones. For those who want to beat all Ūla, we offer to start the journey from the village of Dubičiai. Water tourism measures in the Ūla River The territory of Dzūkija National Park is only available after obtaining a permit and paying a fee for recreational equipment of the Ūla water tourism route. The main obstacles are the brown dam, the tree bog, the small shrubs. Ola water is clear and pure, rich in groundwater, springs and springs. In such waters, trout, sea trout and grayling love it. The entire Ula river and its tributary Gruda lower reaches – ichthyological reserve. It is recommended to choose the route on the Ula river ~ 15 – 20 km a day.
The route can then be continued by Merk.

Dubičiai – Karaviškės – Krokšlys ~ 12 km
Krokšlys – Rudnia – Pauosupė ~ 17 km
Zervynos – Trakiškiai ~ 11 km


Merkys is the ninth longest river in Lithuania and the largest river in Dzūkija. Nourished by abundance of streams and springs, its waters are flowing through the sandy Dainava region. Due to abundant inflows, water is colder than other Lithuanian rivers. In the Merkel flows Ula, Grūda, Skroblus. The Merkys River is quite wide and can easily be reached by kayaking and rubber boats and rafts. The main obstacles are flooded trees and rocks underwater. Merkys flows through the picturesque Dzūkija National Park; at Merkine flows into the Nemunas. Swimming in the Merkel, compared to Ula, is lighter, with fewer obstacles, which is why many tourists overcome this river. We recommend that you choose the route by mileage. It is possible to swim for 1 – 3 days.

Valkininkai – Pamerkiai ~ 18 km.
Pamerkiai – Maskauka ~ 17 km.
Maskauka – Senoji Varėna ~ 8 km.
Senoji Varėna – Perloja ~ 12 km.
Perloja – Paūliai ~12 km.
Paūliai – Puvočiai ~7 km.
Puvočiai –Trasninkas ~ 4 km.
Trasninkas – Alytaus – Druskininkų pln. tiltas ~ 8 km.
Alytaus – Druskininkų pln. tiltas – Merkinė ~ 3 km.


Frost – Merkys tributary, starting 4 km north of Salcininkai. The cold is quite steep, a shallow valley, a low shore. Very curvy (having all four degrees of curvature); the water is cold, very clean. Due to the many bends and loops on this river it is not easy to swim. The river is overgrown with deciduous trees, the water is very dark as the bottom is very peaty. Flowing through the low-populated areas at the Valkininka River flows into Merky.
The route is intended for tourists with short trips. It is recommended to start swimming from Kaniūkai village (51km). The creek flows into Merky 87.8 km from its mouth. Length of track – 60km. Duration – 3 days.
Kaniūkai, Gerviškės – Šalčininkų pl.tiltas – Valkininkai ~ 45 km.
Žygmantiškės – Valkininkai ~15 km.

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